In 2010, The Y did a survey, asking youth “What sport would you like to have a go at?” Archery was the Number one pick.

We offer Archery programmes to Primary and Secondary Schools and the Public. This may include a corporate team building exercise or a birthday party.

The Y’s NASP Archery is a new initiative to New Zealand based on a hugely successful American programme the National Archery in the Schools Programme (NASP). Its core content covers archery history, safety, technique, equipment, mental concentration, core strengthening physical fitness and self-improvement.

The Y’s NASP Archery uses certified NASP equipment the Genesis bow and Easton 1820 arrows. The Genesis bow allows children to compete on a level playing field, no matter their gender, size, strength, fitness or physical prowess. It is also very successful at creating enthusiasm amongst kids and adults; they look great, perform great and are extremely robust. The equipment is very portable., which means we can teach the sport of archery at most venues.

Due to the Y using “real” archery gear. There is a potential for accidents and injury. Health and safety is very important, and this is why we have developed the safest way possible to teach the sport. With the use of a whistle and different waiting lines, archers can have fun, while staying safe and injury free.