Indoor Futsal

The YMCA started running indoor Soccer (futsal now) in the early 80’s.. To this day we are still running strong competitions in the Whanganui region.
We have involvement from the four major clubs in Whanganui and partnership with Central and New Zealand Football. Indoor futsal is played basketball court and basically follow normal football rules with a few exciting changes. Teams consist of 5 players on the court for more exciting and fast past games. And the games are only 40 minutes long. There are seasons that begin in February and in September and runs for 10 to 15 weeks.

We run different divisions for different ability types,
and are looking to expand into children futsal leagues

1984 – Wanganui City Football Club Green
1984 – Gonville Nursary
1984 – Wanganui City Football Club Slickers
1985 – Wanganui City Football Club Hammers
2006 – Team Snoopy
2007 –City Boys (Wanganui City Football Club)
2007 –The All Blacks
2008 –The All Blacks
2008 – The All Blacks
2010 –MCK LQR  (Wanganui Mickey Liquor Bottle Store)
2011 –Wanganui Silly Nannies (Sport Wanganui)
2012 –Fat Sashas – (Wanganui City Football Club)
2013 –Wooden Spoons
2014 – Bellotelli’s Boys
2015 – YMCA
2015 – Bellotelli’s Boys